The legal risk analysis platform

Mitigaze lets legal teams better identify, communicate and evaluate risk and uncertainty, to help clients make smarter decisions on when to settle, which claims to pursue, what budget to adopt, and more.

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Where good judgment meets smart analysis

Using Mitigaze legal teams can leverage their expertise and judgment to create crystal clear analyses that reveal deep insights on legal risk and uncertainty

Get to smarter data-driven decisions without guesswork

Align legal team expertise with commercial stakeholder goals

Communicate complex risks in clear and unambiguous terms

Keep track of how and why case strategies are followed

Hard assessments, made manageable

With Mitigaze's powerfully simple tools, even the most complex uncertainties can be better understood, communicated and evaluated

Plan visually

Create custom analyses to visualize key outcomes and uncertainties

Identify risks

Identify key risks with granular precision and numeric clarity

Evaluate outcomes

Define clear goals and evaluate the best decisions to achieve them

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