Introducing evaluation reports, scenario analysis, and more!

Date posted: 
March 26, 2022

In this post we'll introduce Mitigaze's latest update. And it's a big one, so let's dive straight in.

Evaluation reports

A key benefit of using Mitigaze to evaluate complex litigation is being able to identify insights that aren't otherwise accessible.

With the new evaluation reports feature, we've brought together multiple evaluation insights into one convenient location.

Now, whenever you run a plan evaluation you'll be able to instantly generate a report showing:

  • A summary chart of the evaluations for each decision option in your plan.
  • End results charts that show the likelihood of end results for each evaluated decision option.
  • Scenarios charts that reveal how different scenarios affect each evaluated decision option.

Scenario analysis

Scenario analysis is a BIG new feature, so we've written a separate blog post to go through all the details. But here's the TL;DR version...

With scenario analysis you can easily see how taking different viewpoints on key variables affects your plans. Using scenario analysis only takes a few steps:

Step 1: Add variables

First, you'll need to add some variables to your plan. These could be financial variables (like a damages award), chance variables (like the chance of establishing breach of contract), or both.

Step 2: Add scenarios

Next, you'll need to add scenarios to your variables to represent different viewpoints on those variables.

  • For the optimistic scenario, change the variable settings to reflect how you see that variable from an optimistic viewpoint.
  • For the pessimistic scenario, do the opposite and set the variable to reflect a pessimistic viewpoint.

Step 3: Change scenarios, see new perspectives!

Once you've added scenarios to your variables, they'll appear in the scenarios menu, which you can access from the sidebar (TIP: click "M" on your keyboard to toggle the sidebar menu).

In the scenarios menu, you can easily switch variables between different scenarios with a simple click. To change all variables at once, click the scenarios headings.

To see how changing scenarios affects your plan evaluation, simply switch scenarios after running an evaluation.

Other improvements

This latest update has lots of other improvements: 

  • A new home page with features to make it easier to access and manage your plans. You now get a list of your recent plans, a pinned plans list and the ability to quickly search all your plans.
  • An improved variables system that now includes the option to use chance variables in your plans.
  • A redesigned add results menu with dedicated sub-menus for adding results using amounts, variables or calculations.
  • Lots of interaction enhancements across the board to further improve user-experience.